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What do great teams do differently?

​It’s December 5th, 2014, and I’m in a minibus driving through the desert. All I can see for miles is sand and this single road stretching into the horizon. This is the landscape that greets you ...

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‘The Pink Triangles: The Gay Victims of the Holocaust’

​The 27th of January commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day, marking the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest of the notorious 'Death Camps'. This day is a time for us to remember t...

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Trinnovo Group's Statement on the Gender Recognition Bill

​In December 2022, Scotland passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, a reform designed to improve the process through which a transgender person can obtain their gender recognition certificate (G...

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5 Simple Ways to Create a more Sustainable Workplace

​A recession looms on the horizon, hybrid working models are emerging from their infancy, and, according to The Guardian, another selection of single-use plastics is mere moments away from being ba...

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Diverse Workforce

5 Benefits Of Encouraging Diversity In The Workplace

​A diverse workforce that features people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, abilities and lifestyles benefits everyone. By having a workforce that is a better representative of society your ...

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Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 1 - Introducing the Unlocking Performance Podcast with Cara Myers & Abi Chamberlain

​Cara Myers and Abi Chamberlain sit down to talk all things consulting, where they dissect the biggest challenges facing companies today, including the barriers to implementing solutions.Check out ...

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5 Ways to Grow as a Leader in 2023

Brand-new year, brand-new opportunities. For leaders everywhere, 2023 represents a chance to embrace the person-centred adaptability that the modern workplace has been calling for. Hybrid working m...

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Raising Awareness for World Braille Day 2023

​January 4th marks the birthday of the inventor and educator Louis Braille, creator of the ground-breaking Braille code system of communication, a system that’s made the world more accessible for v...

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Job Hunting Blog May

How To Deal With Setbacks When Job Hunting

​Job searching can be a daunting task, and it is easy to grow fatigued by what can feel like endless waiting for the right opportunity.We understand it can be disheartening when dealing with setbac...

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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail (And How to Succeed with Yours)

The infamous New Year’s resolution – it’s a tradition that, ironically, often sees meaningful self-development take a backseat.​Why do so many of us fail at sticking to our midnight promise? Is th...

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